Our Gateway

We have exactly what you are looking for!
Our gateway delivers all the necessary processing components that your online business requires.
Inatec Payment AG offers you a simple, reliable and accurate solution that you can get up and running in a few days. Our secure Gateway for online payments has the following functionalities:

  • Multi-currencies processing in all major currencies
  • Subscription management (Regular billing or recurring billing)
  • Easy to implement and 100% backwards compatible
  • Costumer service and technical support


We use a proprietary sophisticated fraud.detection system and 3rd party solutions to combat fraud.


Merchant Backoffice

Inatec Payment’s gateway allows our customers in a very user friendly interface to initiate various activities such as:

  • Initiating transactions through a virtual terminal
  • Initiating special reports
  • Initiate Batch processing
  • Initiate recurring transactions
  • Modifying your login parameter for the online reporting system